Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Mt Washington

Mount Washington is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s south city area. The best (and easiest!) skyline photos of Pittsburgh can be taken from here because of the elevation of the hill overlooking the river valley and the location of downtown Pittsburgh below.

The Monongahela and Duquesne Inclines allow access to Mt. Washington’s overlook. These are two of only a few remaining inclines in the United States. You can also drive to this location. There is metered parking along Grandview Avenue and free parking on some of the side streets.

There are four overlook sites along Grandview Avenue. They are crowded on the weekends, but if one is too busy, you can simply walk to the next. Each overlook will give you a slightly different angle to shoot from.

The best times to visit are sunrise and sunset. If you visit at sunset, you can set up a tripod and get amazing night shots of the city.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Mount Washington overlook. Image Credit: Travel Photography Magazine
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