Sealy Lookout Forest Sky Pier

Banana plantations were started in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, in the 1890’s. Today, this Australian community is built almost entirely around the farming of bananas. Coffs Harbour is also home to a popular tourist attraction and amusement park, The Big Banana, which features a large walk-through banana built in 1964. The Big Banana was one of Australia’s original Big Things.

It’s a short drive from Coffs Harbour to Sealy Lookout Forest Sky Pier. This award-winning attraction is located on an escarpment 310 meters above Coffs Harbour and offers magnificent views over the city, the harbor, and up and down the coastline – as well as toward the surrounding mountain ranges. On a clear day, up to 100 km of coastline is visible.

The Forest Sky Pier is located within Bruxner Park Flora Reserve in Orara East State Forest. The Forest Sky Pier projects 22 meters out over rainforest, 15 meters above the forest canopy. As you look out, you’ll marvel at the lush green vegetation set against the brilliant blue water.

Image Credit: Travel Photography Magazine

As a bonus, on the drive to Sealy Lookout, you will pass banana plantations and avocado groves. It’s hard to find places to pull off the road, but when you do, you’ll be rewarded with photos of growing bananas.

Image Credit: Travel Photography Magazine

Sealy Lookout was originally developed for visitor use in 1968 when the local Lions Club installed BBQs and other facilities at the site. The Forest Sky Pier was added in 2011. Adjacent to the Forest Sky Pier, there is still a fully-accessible picnic shelter available for use while you enjoy the view.

If you want to stretch your legs a little longer, there are several walking tracks through the rainforest, ranging from one to three hours. Tracks are maintained and sign-posted. Some sections include varying amounts of steps and short, steep hills.

Image Credit: Travel Photography Magazine

The Forest Sky Pier is open daily until dusk, is wheel-chair accessible, includes parking and toilets, and is free.

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