Photography Workshops

This is a list of photography workshops that may be of interest to travel photographers. This list is purely informational and is not intended as an endorsement.


Workshop: Morocco Photography Workshop and Tour Casablanca, Morocco
Date: September 1 – 13, 2021
Location: Meeting place is Casablanca, Morocco. Photography locations include Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, Essaoiura, Chefchaouen, Todra Gorges, The Sahara Desert, and more.
Price: $6995 double occupancy. $1200 single supplement.

Description: Photographing and visiting Morocco is an exciting immersion into another world, where Arab and Berber heritage, history and culture are inextricably bound. Exotic culture and foods, wildlife, landscapes, and colorful people are all a part of the Morocco experience. This 13-day/ 12-night Morocco Photography Workshop and Tour with Richard Bernabe will have you capturing the very best this unique country has to offer. Richard has made many trips to Morocco and has customized the itinerary to be optimal for travel photographers of all skill levels.

Workshop: Mongolia Eagle Hunters and Gobi Desert
Date: September 17–28, 2021
Location: Mongolia
Price: $12,995
# of Participants: Limited to 10 Participants

Description: Travel to Ölgii province to meet the Eagle Hunters, their families, and their eagles. Journey up into the mountains with them and watch as they exercise and train their birds. After several days of photographing this community, we’ll get to photograph our very own private eagle festival! From our front-row seats, we’ll watch the region’s hunters gather to test their skills and those of their eagles. Look for horse racing, too, and even goatskin tug-of-war. Then travel into the heart of the Gobi Desert to meet the traditional Bactrian camel herders. We’ll have the opportunity to compose portraits of the herders and their livestock in a variety of different lighting situations, against the stunning backdrop of some of the longest sand dunes in the world.

Workshop: Acadia in Autumn Photography Workshop
Date: October 14-17, 2021
Location: Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
Price: $1295

Description: Acadia National Park is an amazing photographic destination unlike any other in the United States. The Park offers photographers of every skill level a variety of landscape opportunities, from miles and miles of dramatic rocky coastline with crashing waves and sea cliffs to mountains, streams and lakes all adorned with deciduous New England fall color.


Workshop: Patagonia Photography Workshop
Two Dates: January 30 – February 10 and February 13 – 24, 2022
Location: Meeting place is Calafate, Argentina. Locations include Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina and Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.
Price: $6995 double occupancy. $1000 single supplement.

Description: Nothing quickens the pulse like a swift and sudden sunrise, the first tint of gold on ancient stone sentinels, and the sound of distant avalanches crashing down icy slopes. The scenery of Patagonia is otherworldly, with stunning mountains piercing the heavens, a massive ice field spawning hundreds of glaciers, and deep mountain lakes filled with cold clean water as blue as the sky.

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