Grant Opportunities

The following is a list of grant opportunities for Colorado Photographers. Please visit the linked site to read application requirements and further information. We encourage you to research these opportunities and decide if they are appropriate for you.

Please contact us with any additional grant opportunities that you may know about!

Grant: Women Photograph Project Grants

Description: Thanks to support from Nikon USA and MPB, these $5,000 grants will support photography projects — either new or in-progress — from visual journalists working in a documentary capacity. Five grants are available, at least one of which will be earmarked for a nonbinary or transgender photographer. Funding may be used to cover the hard costs of reporting, photographers’ creative fees, and any other expenses that support the production of new work. This grant is not meant to support the production of books, exhibitions, workshops, or other secondary materials.

Deadline: May 15, 2023

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